Kamalayan Exhibit

Kamalayan is an annual art exhibit for raising awareness towards a theme that changes every year. For 2019, the exhibit addressed agriculture and other sustainable & environmental advocacies. I made 3 cyanotype prints from illustrations I created that focused on marine life and farmers.

BTS Photos


"Bahay Coral"

Coral reefs create shelter for marine life through their sprawling colonies of coral. The artwork depicts a Coral fused with a "Bahay Kubo," a house indigenous to the Philippine culture. The "Bahay Coral" serves as the home to the marine life around it.

Bahay Coral Cyanotype by Maxine Tanjutco

“Ghost Nets"

Depicted on the artwork is a fish entangled in a ghost net. The vast majority of plastic in our ocean is abandoned fishing gear. An example would be "ghost nets" which is a danger to marine habitats and sea life. Marine animals are routinely trapped and killed in the commercial fishing industry's drift-nets.

Ghost Nets Cyanotype by Maxine Tanjutco

"From Beast of Burden to Beast of Fortune"

The Carabao is the reliable partner of farmers. It is his ally in myriads of works in the field. In the artwork, a farmer and his Carabao are working hard alongside each other.

Beast of Burden to Beast of Fortune Cyanotype by Maxine Tanjutco



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